Tasty Delightful Variety in the Spiritual Realm


In these days and times there is often a lack of understanding regarding the nature of the Absolute and Godhead. How can the eternal spiritual dimension be empty, colorless, and feelingless, while this material realm, an emanation FROM Godhead, is so full, colorful, and full of feeling? That makes no logical sense. There are those familiar with the nature of spiritual variety, and we can happily learn of this inviting variety which is totally free of material defects, suffering, confusion, etc.


From the Brahma Samhita of the Vedic Scriptures:


śriyaḥ kāntāḥ kāntaḥ parama-puruṣaḥ kalpa-taravo drumā . . . → Read More: Tasty Delightful Variety in the Spiritual Realm

Comments on Sri Jagannathastakam

From Sri Jaganathastakam

Sometimes in great happiness Lord Jagannätha, with His flute, makes a loud concert in the groves on the banks of the Yamunä. He is like a bumblebee who tastes the beautiful lotus-like faces of the cowherd damsels of Vraja, and His lotus feet are worshiped by great personalities such as Laksmi, Siva, Brahmä, Indra and Ganesa. May that Jagannätha Swami be the object of my vision.”

I was born in the darkness of ignorance but my spiritual master(s) have opened my eyes with the torchlight of knowledge.

Although by nature depraved, unfortunate, and very sinful, to . . . → Read More: Comments on Sri Jagannathastakam