We Don’t Have to Accept Thorny Rose Happiness…

Today I noticed how prasadam was tasty to the tongue, (happiness), while shortly thereafter, while working outside, felt lots of ants biting my foot skin! Dozens! And quite painful. This is material life. There is (happiness), pleasan nerve ending tinglings, and pain, due to unpleasant skin sensations. All skin sensations of the external bag of skin and bones, having not much to do with my eternal soul.

We deserve better happiness. Not flowers mixed with thorns. Happiness beyond body and mind is our birthright. It is who we really are. Bhagavad-gita, spoken by the demanding Lord Sri Krishna encourages us . . . → Read More: We Don’t Have to Accept Thorny Rose Happiness…

Sandcastles by the Sea


If we build sandcastles by the ocean’s edge, they will get washed away. All that we “build” in this world will be washed away by time. That is the very nature of this place. We should seek to build eternal structure in our life. It is entirely possible.


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