Fallacy of Evolution Theory in 20 Questions

(Click link)  Evolution Defeated in 20 Questions

The Theory Of Evolution has been around for 150 years, influencing how people look at the world. It proposes the lie we came into this world as the result of chance.  Furthermore, it teaches  that the only law in life is a selfish struggle for survival. The effects of this idea can be clearly seen in : people’s increasing selfishness,  moral degeneration in society,   ruthlessness, and violence, the development of totalitarian and bloody ideologies such as fascism and communism, social and individual crises as people grow distant from the morality of religion,…

It is will very helpful to all and their families  to learn about the true nature of the theory of evolution and the Darwinian “worldview” that has systematically dragged the world towards violence, savagery, ruthlessness, and conflict for the last 150 years.  Click this link for a summary.

Evolution Defeated in 20 Questions

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