No Such Thing as Atheism – Really!

The venerable Vaisnav Saint Srila Bhaktivinode pointed out that atheism and agnosticism don’t really exist. Rather, these moods arise in the hearts of human beings who are too much over-ridden with enviousness, anger, lustfullness and other base qualities.

Despite truckloads of evidence,  a certain type of character is required to appreciate and realize Divinity. Consider how people sometimes pray to God for the perfect husband or wife. Yet when told God can, or has Feminine Companions, they will totally deny the possibilty. If that isn’t weird, I don’t know what is!

Why? Often it is due to plain old Envy.  Actual religion is a scientific method of removing from within human beings, those things that block clear vision. Like the rings around Saturn, apart from any particular feelings or beliefs someone may have, there ARE rings around the planet Saturn.

Similary, there IS Divinity, regardless of any particular feelings or beliefs about it….really.

Patient hearing about God related subjects, asking questions, and associating with high minded souls is the royal road to self-realization, and amazing happiness.



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