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Poem about Lord Chaitanya – from Close Associate

Chaitanya-Jagannath1. Sanaka-kumāra and the sages gaze at Him and speak many prayers. Brahmā and the demigods meditate on Him but cannot attain Him. Śiva, garbed only by the four directions, wanders about, his five mouths singing His glories.

2. The water that has washed His feet, water that purifies the three worlds, rests as the ornament on Śiva’s matted locks. Surrounded by His associates, He, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, descended to this world in Nadīyā-pura, in Śacī’s house.

3. Please gaze at Śacī’s son. To the dull and lifeless fallen souls He revealed nāma-sa/nkīrtana, the chanting of the holy names. The yavanas, hedonists, fallen, and unlettered He made wild with the ecstasy of spiritual love.

4. He made the earth glorious. He flooded it with the waters of ecstatic spiritual love, waters that passed beyond the boundaries of the three worlds. Terrified, the blasphemers and false philosophers fled. Clambering onto the boat of false pride, they escaped.

5. My pastime is bathing in the dust of the devotees’ feet, devotees who yearn for the honey at Lord Caitanya’s and Lord Nityānanda’s feet. Sad Śekhara dāsa is the servant of those great devotees.

Beauty of Bhakti – Freedom from Inferior Engagements

The bhakti cult is meant for realization of the positive form. When the positive form is realized, the negative forms are automatically eliminated. Therefore, with the development of the bhakti cult, with the application of positive service to the positive form, one naturally becomes detached from inferior things, and he becomes attached to superior things. Similarly, the bhakti cult, being the supermost occupation of the living being, leads him out of material sense enjoyment.  SB 1.2.7

Sri Krishna – Our Dearest Friend!

Sri Krishna love us

Exciting News! Wonderful Pain Free Life Beyond This World! Yes….

From  Brahma Samhita by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati –
Spiritual Teacher of the Brahma-Madhva Sampradaya

The materialistic demeanor cannot possibly stretch to the transcendental autocrat who is ever inviting the fallen conditioned souls to associate with Him through devotion or eternal serving mood. The phenomenal attractions are often found to tempt sentient beings to enjoy the variegated position which is opposed to undifferenced monism.

People are so much apt to indulge in transitory speculations even when they are to educate themselves on a situation beyond their empiric area or experiencing jurisdiction. The esoteric aspect often knocks them to trace out immanence in their outward inspection of transitory and transformable things. This impulse moves them to fix the position of the immanent to an indeterminate impersonal entity, no clue of which could be discerned by moving earth and heaven through their organic senses.

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Tasty Delightful Variety in the Spiritual Realm


In these days and times there is often a lack of understanding regarding the nature of the Absolute and Godhead. How can the eternal spiritual dimension be empty, colorless, and feelingless, while this material realm, an emanation FROM Godhead, is so full, colorful, and full of feeling? That makes no logical sense.  There  are those familiar with the nature of spiritual variety, and we can happily learn of this inviting variety which is totally free of material defects, suffering, confusion, etc.


From the Brahma Samhita of the Vedic Scriptures:


śriyaḥ kāntāḥ kāntaḥ parama-puruṣaḥ kalpa-taravo
drumā bhūmiś cintāmaṇi-gaṇa-mayi toyam amṛtam
kathā gānaṁ nāṭyaṁ gamanam api vaṁśī priya-sakhi
cid-ānandaṁ jyotiḥ param api tad āsvādyam api ca
sa yatra kṣīrābdhiḥ sravati surabhībhyaś ca su-mahān
nimeṣārdhākhyo vā vrajati na hi yatrāpi samayaḥ
bhaje śvetadvīpaṁ tam aham iha golokam iti yaṁ
vidantas te santaḥ kṣiti-virala-cārāḥ katipaye

:I worship that transcendental seat, known as Śvetadvīpa where as loving consorts the Lakṣmīs in their unalloyed spiritual essence practice the amorous service of the Supreme Lord Kṛṣṇa as their only lover; where every tree is a transcendental purpose tree; where the soil is the purpose gem, all water is nectar, every word is a song, every gait is a dance, the flute is the favorite attendant, effulgence is full of transcendental bliss and the supreme spiritual entities are all enjoyable and tasty, where numberless milk cows always emit transcendental oceans of milk; where there is eternal existence of transcendental time, who is ever present and without past or future and hence is not subject to the quality of passing away even for the space of half a moment. That realm is known as Gol”ka only to a very few self-realized souls in this world.”
PURPORT (by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati of the Madhva-Gaudiya Sampradaya)
That region which jīvas attain by the best performance of their rasa-bhajana, though purely transcendental, is by no means devoid of variegatedness. The nondifferentiated region is attained by indulging in anger, fear and delusion. The devotees attain Goloka, the transcendental region above Vaikuṇṭha, according to the quality of rasa of the respective services. In reality that region is no other than Śvetadvīpa or “the White Island,” being exceedingly pure. Those, who attain the highest rasa in the shape of the realization of pure devotion in this world, viewing the reality of Śvetadvīpa in Gokula, Vṛndāvana and Navadvīpa within this mundane world, designate the same as “Goloka.”

In that transcendental region of Goloka there are always visible, in their supreme beauty. all the distinctive entities that are incorporated in the pure cognitive principle, viz., the lover and His beloved ones, trees and creepers, mountains, rivers and forests, water, speech, movement, music of the flute, the sun and the moon, tasted and taste (i.e., the unthinkable wonders of the 64 aesthetic arts), milk cows yielding nectarean flow of milk and transcendental ever-existing time.
Descriptions that supply the clue to Goloka are found in various places in the Vedas and the other śāstras such as the Purāṇas, tantras etc. The Chāndogya says: brūyād yāvan vā ayam ākāśas tāvan eṣa antar hṛda ākāśaḥ ubhe asmin dyāvā-pṛthivī antar eva samāhite. ubhāv agniś ca vāyuś ca sūrya-candramasāv ubhau vidyun nakṣatrāṇi yac cāsyehāsti yac ca nāsti sarvaṁ tad asmin samāhitam iti.
The sum and substance of it is that all the variegatedness of this mundane world and much more variety over and above the mundane, are to be found in Goloka. The variety in the transcendental world is fully centralized whereas in the mundane world it is not so and hence productive of weal and woe. The centralized variety of Goloka is unalloyed and full of transcendental cognitive joy.

The Vedas and sādhus practicing devotion revealed by the Vedas, by availing the support of their individual cognitional aptitude actuated by devotion, may have a sight of divine realm and by the power of the grace of Kṛṣṇa their tiny cognitive faculty attaining the quality of infinitude they are enabled to be on the level of the plane of enjoyments of Kṛṣṇa.


We Will Be Pleased to Full Satisfaction

A living being’s sustenance of existence is to coordinate his activities with his eternal relation with the Supreme Lord Krsna. Krsna is the central pivot of living beings, and He is the all-attractive living entity or eternal form amongst all other living beings or eternal forms.

Each and every living being has his eternal form in the spiritual existence, and Krsna is the eternal attraction for all of them. Krsna is the complete whole, and everything else is His part and parcel. The relation is one of the servant and the served. It is transcendental and is completely distinct from our experience in material existence. This relation of servant and the served is the most congenial form of intimacy. One can realize it as devotional service progresses.

Everyone should engage himself in that transcendental loving service of the Lord, even in the present conditional state of material existence. That will gradually give one the clue to actual life and please him to complete satisfaction.  SB 1.2.6

Comments on Sri Jagannathastakam

From Sri Jaganathastakam

Sometimes in great happiness Lord Jagannätha, with His flute, makes a loud concert in the groves on the banks of the Yamunä. He is like a bumblebee who tastes the beautiful lotus-like faces of the cowherd damsels of Vraja, and His lotus feet are worshiped by great personalities such as Laksmi, Siva, Brahmä, Indra and Ganesa. May that Jagannätha Swami be the object of my vision.”

I was born in the darkness of ignorance but my spiritual master(s) have opened my eyes with the torchlight of knowledge.

Although by nature depraved, unfortunate, and very sinful, to serve the order of my initiating spiritual master Srila Prabhupada I write for self purification and to assist his mission, it is a miracle of God.

Here in this prayer, said to have been spoken by Lord Chaitanya, the Golden Avatara, Lord Jagannatha is being glorifed. Who is Lord Jagannatha? First of all, who is Lord Chaitanya?  Lord Chaitanya, historically, appeared in West Bengal India in the late 1400’s.  He was known as a fantastic scholar, practically the best of his time period, and a great saint, full of God Love.

Lord Chaitanya initiated a movement of spreading love for God everywhere in West Bengal, and He also traveled up and down India. He was truly an amazingly divinely ecstatic, loving, kind, compassionate personality who performed a number of “miracles”, but especially His miracles were those of turning the deeply sensual atheistic hearts of various people into soft, loving, divine devotees of God. He made saints out of sinners, rogues, ruffians, hard hearted scholars, in the thousands.

God is God, yet in the ancient Vedic scriptures one can find divine details of Godhead not to be found elsewhere.  Like an unabridged dictionary the ancient Vedic scriptures contain everything other revealed scriptures do, and much more.  Continue reading Comments on Sri Jagannathastakam

The Greatest Gift- Absolute Truth is NOT Void or Without Personality

It is recognized by learned persons that the moods, feelings, desires, and thoughts of people revolve around and rest upon the innermost understanding of their own self, and the nature of Creation. There is so much unhappiness, misery, and strife in people’s lives, many people’s lives. Horrible addictions, insanely disturbed relationships,  and a serious lack of deep peace, love, and compassion.

Not among all people though. Upon examination we see those who hold a Personal conception of the Absolute, who feel both themselves and this creation to have Intelligence, Purpose, and Love behind it, don’t suffer like this, not nearly as much.

The Vedic spirituality, as do others, yet in an especially wondrous and comprehensive way, offer us insight into the deepest depths of reality, of a beautiful, loving, caring Personal Reality, within and behind all Creation.  The Vaisnava devotees, spiritualists, who have understood this spirituality, show practically, in their everyday lives, the immense benefits of this insight, specifically within the lives of serious adherents.

Shree Chaitanya and His followers have offered humanity an extremely tangible, real, and practical way for anyone to uncover, discover, renovate, and revive their original Divine Consciousness, so steeped in Love and Joy one may not believe it, and we may not believe it, simply because it seems too good to be true.   Founder-Acharya of ISKCOn  Srila Prabhupada, and his followers, in the line of Lord Shree Chaitanya, have offered humanity a simple process, able to be followed by anyone, without any special qualification.

I heartily invite one and all to examine the Vedic spirituality at, or to try the chanting of Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare, or any Names of the Divine you feel comfortable with,  meditating on them with a view for inner growth and spiritual discovery.

The Spiritual World


The Supreme Personality of Godhead has innumerable expansions of His transcendental form who eternally exist in the spiritual world. This material world is only a perverted reflection of the spiritual world, where everything is manifested without inebriety.

There everything is in its original existence, free from the domination of time. Time cannot deteriorate or interfere with the conditions in the spiritual world, where different manifestations of the Supreme Personality of Godhead are the recipients of the worship of different living entities in their constitutional spiritual positions.

In the spiritual world all existence is unadulterated goodness.The goodness found in the material world is contaminated by the modes of passion and ignorance. Caitanya Caritamrta Adi Lila Chapter 4

No Such Thing as Atheism – Really!

The venerable Vaisnav Saint Srila Bhaktivinode pointed out that atheism and agnosticism don’t really exist. Rather, these moods arise in the hearts of human beings who are too much over-ridden with enviousness, anger, lustfullness and other base qualities.

Despite truckloads of evidence,  a certain type of character is required to appreciate and realize Divinity. Consider how people sometimes pray to God for the perfect husband or wife. Yet when told God can, or has Feminine Companions, they will totally deny the possibilty. If that isn’t weird, I don’t know what is!

Why? Often it is due to plain old Envy.  Actual religion is a scientific method of removing from within human beings, those things that block clear vision. Like the rings around Saturn, apart from any particular feelings or beliefs someone may have, there ARE rings around the planet Saturn.

Similary, there IS Divinity, regardless of any particular feelings or beliefs about it….really.

Patient hearing about God related subjects, asking questions, and associating with high minded souls is the royal road to self-realization, and amazing happiness.



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