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Divine Consciousness and Happiness



We are all creatures of material nature. In the Bhagavad-gītā it is said that the Lord Himself is the seed-giving father and material nature is the mother of all living beings in all shapes. Thus mother material nature has enough foodstuff both for animals and for men, by the grace of the Father Almighty, Śrī Kṛṣṇa.

The human being is the elder brother of all other living beings. He is endowed with intelligence more powerful than animals for realizing the course of nature and the indications of the Almighty Father. Human civilizations should depend on the production of material nature without artificially attempting economic development to turn the world into a chaos of artificial greed and power only for the purpose of artificial luxuries and sense gratification. This is but the life of dogs and hogs.  Srimad Bhagavatam 1.10.4

People Suffering Due to Ignorance




“…That is life, Krishna, sarva-karana-karanama [Bs. 5.1], cause of all causes. So this is not theory; this is fact. Now we have to prove it. Then the whole program of these rascals’ theory will be changed, and people will be happy. Because they are standing on a wrong theory, all their calculations are wrong, and people are suffering. The rascal Darwin’s theory. So many, based on this foolish theory, wrong conception of life. So we have to challenge, protest. defeat. This will be our work.”  Morning Walk  LA 5/3/1973

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Life from Life

“…Life is existing. It is not exactly the word that life generates, no. Life is existing. The matter is generated. Matter is generating, and it stays for some time, again it is vanished. Just like this body. This body is born at a certain date, and it will be finished at a certain date. This is matter.

The wood was born at a certain date from the tree. It remains green for certain time. Then it is not green, dry. Then, after some time, it will be finished. Matter is not permanent. Matter is changing. Sad-vikära. Six kinds of changes, matter. Birth, then growing… Matter grows also. Just like the body has grown. It was very small, pea-like body in the beginning, and it grows. So birth, growth, maintenance for some time, then by-product. There are some by-products. And then dwindling, then finished. This is matter. But life has no such change. When the life is within the matter, it appears that it is taking birth or death.

Life will come. One phase of this change, accept. And when it cannot be maintained anymore, just like this body, when it is too old it cannot maintain. Just like dress. When it is too old we change. So these things are there. The matter is… Life is existing. Life has no change. The change is outward, material thing. In all respects we have to prove that life does not come from matter. Matter generates from life, stays for some time, and it is finished. Again begins another chapter…”   – LA  May 3, 1973

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First Entry June 2017

My Diary

Not sure how often I’ll write. Greatly inspired by His Holiness Satsvarupa das Goswami. He is a prolific devotional writer and unusually open and honest.

Yesterday was Halloween, didn’t have candy for the kids. Unusual oversight. Not a biggie Like devotees of both ages past and present I struggle here and there to “stay on track”.

I didn’t come from a religious background. I never thought of a personal God before meet ing devotees. It’s been a serious path of self-transformation. I’ve discovered that the Lord most certainly exists and is present. What stands between is the stuff in my heart.

When my spiritual master Srila Prabhupada was asked by people to show them God, he would often reply, “Do you have the eyes to see God?” Something many folks never considered.

To understand spiritual matters, we certainly can’t seem them with our fleshly eyes. At least in the beginning we can only hear about them from others. Which could work fairly well. Unless.

Unless what? Unless we don’t have any real interest to listen. Unless we are possessed for some reason with  antagonism towards spirituality. Unless our lifestyle is such that inhibits the ability to understand what there is to be hear.

There are things that can stand in between our perception of Spirit, of the Holy Spirit, of our own spiritual nature. That many people don’t know. The situation in some instances might be compared to people living in a cave, the exit to the beautiful outside world not far off.

Unfortunately they have some malady that prevents them from looking to the left and seeing the exit. And some have a malady which causes dislike of the very idea of an exit!

I have discovered, as Bhagavad-gita points out, that often a degree of groundwork is needed to cure ourselves, our vision, of whatever might be clouding it, obstructing.

That is the purpose of spiritual disciplines. To clear our hearts, to empower our vision, to enable us to see and moreover, not only see, but in some cases revive our interest to see ourself, God, and our eternal relationship with Him. We do have an extremely closerelationship with Krishna which is truly most wonderful. Wonderful indeed. More than we might imagine.

I invent readers to explore the Vaisnava theology, the teachings of Lord Chaitanya as presented most recently by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami and his  followers or any bona-fide Vaisnava line from Lord Chaitanya.

Designated Consciousness – Freedom Brings Joy

“At the present moment our consciousness is designated. Someone is thinking, “I am an Englishman,” and another is thinking, “I am an American.” Actually, we do not belong to any of these designations. We are all part and parcel of God; that is our real identity. If everyone simply comes to that consciousness, all the problems of the world will be solved.”  from Science of Self Realization

Prasadam – Delicious Food of the Gods

Hare Krishna!   Hare Krishna!

Glories to Gulabjumons,  Sweet Rice, Pakoras and Chutney, Dahl and Rice offered to Sri Radha-Govinda, Jagannath-Baladeva-Subhadra!

Srila Prabhupada saved me and so many others from horribly sinful meat-eating. Saved us from the gross physical urges of our depraved minds, with Prasadam.

“Honor Prasadam and be happy”  Srila Prabhupada would say with relish.

And he relished Prasadam too.

Thank you Srila Prabhupada!

Sandcastles by the Sea

If we build sandcastles by the ocean’s edge, they will get washed away.  All that we “build” in this world will be washed away by time.  That is the very nature of this place.  We should seek to build eternal structure in our life. It is entirely possible.


Check out   and

Path to Joy

“…The tendency to glorify others or hear others must be turned to the real object of glorification-the Supreme Being. And that will bring happiness….”
SB 1.2.15

That Dirty Five Letter Word

There are those who say “You people have faith!”, as if that were able to annihilate spirituality. Actually, everyone has faith, no one would bother trying to start their car unless they believed it would start.  Case closed. We all have faith!

The question, really, is whether it’s reasonable or not.

Walking on the Ceiling in NY Temple

I remember Sri Sri Radha Govinda’s Sundar Aroti in NY, circa. 1978.  So ecstatic! Devotees would be walking on the ceiling in joy. So much nice. A great gift of Lord Chaitanya and Srila Prabhupada.

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