Poem about Lord Chaitanya – from Close Associate

Chaitanya-Jagannath1. Sanaka-kumāra and the sages gaze at Him and speak many prayers. Brahmā and the demigods meditate on Him but cannot attain Him. Śiva, garbed only by the four directions, wanders about, his five mouths singing His glories.

2. The water that has washed His feet, water that purifies the three worlds, rests as the ornament on Śiva’s matted locks. Surrounded by His associates, He, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, descended to this world in Nadīyā-pura, in Śacī’s house.

3. Please gaze at Śacī’s son. To the dull and lifeless fallen souls He revealed nāma-sa/nkīrtana, the chanting of the holy names. The yavanas, hedonists, fallen, and unlettered He made wild with the ecstasy of spiritual love.

4. He made the earth glorious. He flooded it with the waters of ecstatic spiritual love, waters that passed beyond the boundaries of the three worlds. Terrified, the blasphemers and false philosophers fled. Clambering onto the boat of false pride, they escaped.

5. My pastime is bathing in the dust of the devotees’ feet, devotees who yearn for the honey at Lord Caitanya’s and Lord Nityānanda’s feet. Sad Śekhara dāsa is the servant of those great devotees.

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