Spiritual Truth is Transcendental to the Influence of Matter

Material nature is bound by past and future due to the influence of time factor, but the transcendental energy or the absolute reality is free from inebrieties like past and future. The most wonderful thing about It is that It exists eternally in the present.

This spiritual reality, the transcendental existence, is beyond the realm of sense perception, as well as mundane words and mental faculty. The truth is that any attempt to describe this reality will merely result in the commission of some grievous offense. This transcendental reality is devoid of any discrepancies or mistakes, and everything there finds perfect harmony in the inconceivable energy of the Lord.

Moreover, any inconsistency is totally absent in spiritual reality, which is forever fresh and dynamic, and intoxicates one with spiritual bliss. Thus, it is the nature of this reality that we see apparent contradictions and opposing sentiments existing simultaneously in It.

A most amazing attribute of transcendental reality is that It shelters contrary concepts. It is sufficiently proficient to initiate activities without the pleasure potency becoming manifest.

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