World War III Inside Our Hearts

World War IIIThe Bhagavad-gita and other scriptures speak about the quality of personality, the quality of character being extremely important, with regard to yoga practice and self-realization.

I know this well in my own life.   We learn from the saints how  our minds are covered to one degree or the other, with layers of past thinking patterns, modes of feeling, attitudes, etc.

These layers can be helpful to spiritual love and God consciousness or not. In many case they are not favorable. The lustfulness for fleshly pleasures, selfish tendencies manifesting in lack of concern for others, laziness, etc. All of this can be very obstructive.

In fact, for some people, the conditioning of mind may be so severe that their minds cannot even turn towards spiritual thought. Their minds are repulsed. Which is sad, sort of like being forced to live in a reduced status of life.

We who are trying to rise higher and higher in knowledge,  God realization and love, often battle in our hearts with these obstacles to love.  Our own minds can be our worst enemy Sri Krishna tells us.

What to do? Chanting the Holy Names of the Lord, especially congregationally, is most helpful, it brings the Lord’s Grace and help upon us. That help might also  manifest in receiving some type of counseling towards better, more healthy ways of thinking. That help may be rose, peppermint  or jasmine oil applied to our heart chakra to help soften the crusted layers of our ability to love.

Our progress through the phase of “Anartha-Nivrtii” may involve a variety of measures, most importantly, hearing and chanting Krishna Katha, following the basic regulative principles, and generally living in a way that minimizes passion and ignorance.

Sri Krishna’s Bhagavad-gita contains specific advice and instructions how to rise above and purify our hearts from all that stops us from experiencing the joy of our eternal love for Krishna.  Let us take shelter of it, our Gurus, and the Vaisnavas.

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